80% of tenants think landlords should pay for damage

Many landlords are unaware that a recent study shows around 80% of tenants believe that their landlords should pay for damage they have caused when their tenancy ends. Over 90% of tenants say they have tried to hide the damage from their landlord and 10% admit to causing more than £500 worth of damage to their rented property.
The most common damage caused by tenants is stains to carpet from food, wine and paint (69%), followed by pet damage to curtains and floor coverings (51%); cigarette burns to soft furnishings and carpets (47%); damage to kitchen cabinet doors (33%); scratches and dents to doors, door frames and skirting (28%); and burns and marks to kitchen surfaces (19%).
This issue is that many tenants feel no responsibility towards a rented property that ‘is not theirs’ and therefore is someone else’s problem. As this is how they think is it any wonder that so many tenants think it is the landlord who should pay for repairs? This is why it is important to do regular checks on your property with the tenants during the tenancy as well as at check in and out. Some tenants have been known to cause damage far exceeding the value of the deposit. 72% of tenants said they ended up in a dispute with their landlord over the property damage.
It is vital that landlords have all potential tenants thoroughly referenced and to have a professional inventory, mid-tenancy inspections, check in and check out conducted with the tenants present.