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Assisted Sale

We provide expert advice to enable a rapid completion of sale.

Assisted Sale

Helping You To Sell Your Own Home

Introducing the MOST creative and effective way to sell your home - Assisted Sale Scheme!

What is an Assisted Sale?

Here’s an example:

A vendor has a property with a mortgage of, say, £100,000. It is worth, say, £140,000.

The vendor needs to sell quickly as he is struggling to keep up with the mortgage payments. The vendor is in a precarious position but is not a property professional and does not know what to do.

We, as property professionals, would be providing expert advice to enable a rapid completion of sale. We look into finer details like:

  • Does the property need a cosmetic change?
  • Is it being marketed properly?
  • How is it being marketed?
  • Is the asking price realistic?

We, as experts, help to prevent the vendor’s property from being repossessed. As you all know repossession leads to huge mental, financial and emotional stress.

We will help to sell the property through the process of Assisted Sale. If the property ultimately sells for £130,000 and the mortgage of £100,000 will be repaid. The remaining balance is £30,000.

The balance will be distributed equally in a manner that has been agreed with the vendor. It could be a 50-50 split or perhaps 60-40, depending upon what has been agreed. The share agreed will also depend on the amount of work that has being carried out in order to sell the property quickly. This whole process is very flexible.

The paperwork is prepared by the solicitors who are experts in this field which will give you security and make sure that you are paid from the sale proceeds as agreed prior to sale.

The above is just an example of how an Assisted Sale is carried out, thereby helping you to overcome the stress of selling your property.

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