DSS Tenants

DSS stands for Department of Social Security. DSS tenants are those who are claiming or receiving some sort of benefit from the Social Security.

In most cases when landlords hear that DSS tenants are interested in their property, they immediately think, ‘Oh no, they will be a nuisance’ and are prejudiced. But what landlords need to understand is that all DSS applicants have different circumstances.

Not all DSS tenants are on benefits because they are lazy. Nowadays a lot of people are forced to start claiming due to sudden changes of circumstances .

We have had a tenant in one of our properties for over 5 years, we never had a late payment from her, however she was made redundant from a managing post and had to go on DSS just so she could pay her rent.

There will be DSS tenants who are single parents, or even part time workers.

It is always best to delve further into the background to find out what their circumstances are, rather than closing the door on them straight away.

Taking on DSS tenants will more likely secure your receipt of rent from them as you will know that they receive it every month from the social security. You can even request that the tenant has the rent paid from the social security directly to you so you know exactly when and where it will be paid and it will definitely not be late.

There are good tenants and bad tenants. It doesn’t necessarily mean that only DSS tenants will be bad or troublesome with regards to how they keep your property or in rental payments.

It’s true that DSS tenants get a lot of negative publicity; however they should be treated as any other tenant; fairly.