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Indian Deals

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Indian Deals

Why acquiring properties in India is a MUST for UK NRIs.

Many NRIs (Non Residential Indians) aspire to own property at home in India. Over the last few years, this dream is turning into reality. But why is it such an attractive prospect? Let’s have a look at the reasons why buying property in India right now is the best move for you:

  • While many of the world’s economies are plunged into recession, the Indian property market still gives investors average returns of approximately 20%. With robust economic growth and high investment returns, why would you pass up this opportunity?
  • Though job opportunities may be drying up in the UK, many industries in India are still thriving so you’d be better off hedging your bets by buying property there. Should you ever wish to work in or return to India, you will already have a home waiting for you!
  • Indian legislation has been adapted over the past few years to encourage more NRIs to buy real estate. Liberalization of policies means less hassle in buying or renting properties for you. You no longer need to be wrestling with income and wealth tax issues but instead you can live comfortably whilst knowing that your capital gains will be remitted abroad to you.
  • NRIs are able to have their earnings remitted in foreign currency to make life easier and online banking for NRIs makes money transactions far more efficient

What problems do NRIs face when buying Indian real estate?

Buying property in any country without being fully immersed in the industry is a risk. In India especially there is a danger in entering the waters. Firstly, you are buying overseas and therefore are unlikely to be present during any construction work or to monitor the process, which can lead to nasty surprises down the line.
Furthermore, there is often a lack of transparency in these dealings which could lead to you losing out financially. There are even people who will coax you into black market transactions which will come and haunt you later on.

What we can do for you

With Yorkshire Property Deals, you will have the confidence that you’ll be buying the finest properties cherry-picked in prime areas of India and at the best price too! We work by the following principles to ensure that you get the best quality service:

  • Step by step guidance with a bespoke service – While we will make the arduous decisions and select only the best properties for you, you will constantly be “in the loop” and guided meticulously through the process to make it as smooth as possible.
  • No time wasted! – You will be saving valuable hours that would otherwise be spent attending futile viewings since we only select top quality properties to show you. You’ll also avoid the unnecessary pressure of dealing with pushy Agents.
  • We do the negotiations – Our highly experienced team members will carry out all negotiations on your behalf so you needn’t worry about getting an unfair deal.
  • V.I.P treatment – By this we mean that you will be the first to know of new properties coming up in the hottest locations. Often, only insiders are privy to knowledge of such deals on the market. We have the means and contacts to ensure that you’re only served the best.