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London Deals

“Pension crisis hits millions in Britain …you could be next”

When we hear the term “pension”, what is it that we think of? Financial security? Stable income? Trouble free retirement?
Probably not.
The pain associated with pension planning is not new. With tumbling annuity rates and measly returns on private schemes, too many people are disillusioned about saving into their pensions.
Far too little saving, an unstable economy and longer average life expectancies are a recipe for disaster with millions of people plunging into poverty in their old age. This problem isn’t getting any better with time either so the time to act is NOW!
So you’re concerned about your future pension payouts and want to secure a post-retirement income that is both secure and low risk? Then you seriously need to get on…

The Property Ladder!

Properties bought at the right price and in the right locations reward investors and landlords greatly. For your secured deposit, you’ll be enjoying high returns plus the benefits of capital appreciation. You’ll no longer have to worry about retirement or savings; just let your property pay! And what better place to start than the rich, thriving hub of London?

But how difficult is it to buy properties in London?

While London is widely considered the “safe-haven” for property investments in the UK, there are still many vital decisions that you, as an investor, need to make. Though there are literally hundreds of properties in need of buyers, you must be careful about where you put your money. We as property professionals would be providing expert advice to enable a rapid completion of sale.

Here are some of the common pitfalls we’ve come across with buyers:

  • They fail to negotiate on price and often end up paying their Agents up between 10-15% in excess.
  • Appearing overly keen during viewings or being too quick to place an offer so their opportunities to negotiate have been squashed in the offing.
  • Choosing a poor location to buy property in is very common. One example would be picking a property that is poorly connected via tube. This means potentially tenants or residents would have difficult access to Central London which is a major mistake!
  • Buying properties at a good price can be a mistake too if it’s in a new complex and little research has been done on the area.
  • Some people purchase off-plan properties, pay 10% deposit to their developers and two years later …no building!

These are only some of the problems that arise when selecting your ideal property. Many of these issues are escalated when dealing with such a prime location as London, where the competition is fierce, quick-fire sales are commonplace and if you don’t know the right people, you could be in trouble.
Wouldn’t it be far more reassuring knowing that you have someone to take care of ALL these decisions for you? No doubt! This is where Yorkshire Property Deals can help you.

What we can do for you

With Yorkshire Property Deals, you will have the confidence that you’ll be buying the finest properties cherry-picked in prime areas of London and at the best price too! We work by the following principles to ensure that you get the best quality service:

  • Step by step guidance with a bespoke service – While we will make the arduous decisions and select only the best properties for you, you will constantly be “in the loop” and guided meticulously through the process to make it as smooth as possible.
  • No time wasted! – You will be saving valuable hours that would otherwise be spent attending futile viewings since we only select top quality properties to show you. You’ll also avoid the unnecessary pressure of dealing with pushy Agents.
  • We do the negotiations – Our highly experienced team members will carry through all negotiations on your behalf so you needn’t worry about getting an unfair deal.
  • V.I.P treatment – By this we mean that you will be the first to know of new properties coming up in the hottest locations. Often, only insiders are privy to knowledge of such deals on the market. We have the means and contacts to ensure that you’re only served the best.