Rent Arrears

Rent arrears are money which is not paid to the landlord each month as rent. Once you have missed rental payments this adds up and is called rent arrears.

Once you are in rental arrears it is very important for you to deal with this straight away otherwise there is a risk that it could lead to you being evicted from the property

Talk to your landlord to reach an agreement if you are in rent arrears. Don’t just let it be as this can make matters a lot worse.

One of the reasons why rent arrears may arise is whilst your claim is being processed by the council for DSS tenants or those who are in receipt of some sort of benefits. They may be waiting on more information about your claim or other information about you. Whatever the reason may be, you should ring them and ask them why your rent has not been paid.

In some circumstances your landlord may not have to obtain a court order before they evict you.

The rules of when and how you may evict a tenant for rent arrears will differ according to the type of tenancy agreement you have and this depends on the type of landlord you have. It is important to make sure you read the tenancy agreement if your fall behind with you rent payments, if needed take advice on what rights the landlord has in case the matter does get to the stage where they have to evict you. Again it is always best to talk to the landlord about the difficulties you are having in paying the rent.

Don’t let your rent arrears build up this could lead to you losing your house, if you have difficulty in managing your debts try and find a solution by

  • Making a list of all your debts. Put the one that is most important on top
  • Write down your incomings and outgoings, then see how much you have left to pay your debts
  • Now work out how much you can pay to each person or organisation that you owe money
  • Most importantly talk to your landlord, there’s no point in hiding anything; let them know exactly what you can pay.

But don’t agree to paying more than what you can.

You can always get help towards paying your rent. You need to check if you qualify for any type of benefit such as if you’re on low income or having financial problems. You may be able to qualify for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit or tax credits.