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These properties can be up to 30% or more below the market value.

Below Market Value

What is a Below Market Value (BMV) property?

Below market value (BMV)property is a property which we get from motivated sellers at a price which is below the prevailing market value. These properties can be up to 30% or more below the market value. Sometimes the value may not be significantly lower than the current value but will have a potential for escalation in future.

Yorkshire Property Deals employs its experienced staff to negotiate a deal and to do a lot of ground work before a property is displayed as a qualified lead on our website.

How can I get a BMV property?

  1. Register your details as one of our investors. You must register before we can send you any property details as there could be sensitive information which will not be passed on to unknown third parties.
  2. As soon as you have registered, you can view our property leads in our online shop.
  3. When you find a lead you want to purchase, you simply contact us either over the phone or by email. Our email address is
  4. You have the choice of paying either by cheque (payable to Yorkshire Property Deals Ltd) or contact us on the free phone or the mobile phone numbers provided to get details for money transfer through BACS.
  5. When we have received your payment, the property lead is automatically removed from our database. We do not sell the same lead to multiple buyers.
  6. It is important that the buyer acts quickly to secure the deal. We will intimate to the buyer the time frame in which to complete the purchase.


  1. The seller changes his / her mind about the BMV offer which they have agreed to consider.
  2. The seller has not provided accurate information of his financial status and encumbrance on the said property.
  3. The sellers financial circumstances do not allow the acceptance of a BMV offer.
  4. Property has been sold out within the time frame indicated to the buyer for completion.

What is a qualified lead?

We sign a legal document called an option agreement where the seller agrees to sell his property to us for a certain amount within a specified time scale (usually 3 months). As the value of the property and the time frame for the sale has been agreed this is termed as a qualified lead.

What are my charges for getting a BMV property?

We normally charge a nominal administrative fee which includes payment to our property finders and negotiators. The charges will be set by Yorkshire Property Deals Ltd and this will vary between £2,000 and £12,000 depending on the value of the deal.