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Yorkshire Deals

We Create A Win-Win Situation For Both Our Buyers and Sellers

We deal in purchasing below market value (BMV) property, help motivated sellers and source property to investors.

We are able to achieve this through a wide network of agents and extensive knowledge of property in Yorkshire.

We help people who want to sell their property and are finding it hard to move on. We usually find our clients want to sell their property without delay if they are facing REPOSSESSION, DIVORCE, SEPARATION, LARGE DEBT, EMIGRATION or in any other FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY.

We can normally arrange sales realistically between 4-6 weeks on selected properties.

We are able achieve this with our very large database of professionals including DOCTORS who have a good financial standing and are ready to invest in bargain properties.

Please register on our website with all the details of your property and/or call us on 01274 297921 or email

Through no fault of your own, you may fall behind with your mortgage. Debt becomes a burden and delays mortgage payment.

One solution is to sell the house and get some equity from it but in the current climate your house may not sell for some time.

You may be running out of options and repossession may be imminent.


If you don’t pay your mortgage on time, your mortgage lender will apply to the Court for a repossession order. This will upset your plans, cause distress to your family, damage your credit rating and your business.

Sometimes you may have to continue paying even after your house is repossessed if you do not have sufficient equity.

SO…. Don’t let your mortgage lender repossess your home!

Contact 01274 297921 or email for any repossession proceedings to be stopped.

We will make arrangements to stop repossession. Arrange to sell your house and the balance amount will be deposited into your account.

It is important to remember that we would only be able to help you if there is sufficient equity in the house and there is no extra borrowing on the property.

Please contact us and DO NOT DELAY

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